Sunday, December 12, 2010

CPM Bill to be Introduced in Congress this week!

Many moms in class have dreamed of a birth center or home birth with a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). But, due to the cost and the fact that most insurance plans (other than PPO) do not cover any part of of the midwife's fee, they are unable to use a service they feel would best suit their needs as a laboring woman.

This week a bill will be introduced in congress that would mandate reimbursement to CPMs for those on Medicaid insurance. This is an important first step in paving the way for midwifery to be covered under all insurance plans.

I encourage you to visit and sign up for their updates and information. You will be able to sign petitions and know when to contact your legislators about this important cause.

It is my dream that when my girls are delivering my grandchildren, that there will be ready access to the services of Certified Professional Midwifes. I pray that they will be able to find a good care provider and that it will be "no big deal" to use her services. I wish for better relationships between midwives and OBs.

P.S. On a side note, I plan on having a small birth savings for my daughters and future daughter in law so that when they are ready to have children I can help with their birth costs if need be. I feel like as parents there is so much expectation to pay for a wedding, but I would rather give a fraction less for the wedding and have a little something saved for them so if they want to have an out-of-hospital birth and they are very young and don't have much money, that there will be money for it. Even if I can just gift them a doula's services then that would be great too.


Laurel said...

That's a good idea about saving up for your daughter's future births.

wholesomewomanhood said...

Thanks for posting about the bill. I had no idea it was coming up!

I love the idea of setting some money aside to help pay for your grandchildren's births. Births can be expensive (especially when insurance doesn't reimburse you!!!). :-)

Jamie said...

Yes, births can be really expensive! And most of the time the people having the babies are quite young and just starting out in trying to establish their household. I really want my daughters to be free to choose where (and with whom) they want to give birth and not have money be the deciding factor. Hopefully if insurance begins to widely cover out-of-hospital options (especially since they are so much less expensive from an insurance perspective) then they will have easy access to whatever care they want. (And they won't need my help!)