Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome baby Ethan James!

Alissa and Tim have their baby boy Ethan James! He weighed 6lbs 10oz and is 19 inches long. He's a good nurser according to mom and she's doing great! Alissa says she had a lot of back labor for 8 hours, but that counterpressure from Tim helped a lot. She also had great support from her mother who had her children naturally. Check out this special guy. I love the one where he's on her chest after birth. So beautiful.

Noah smiles!

Sonja sent me this pic of Noah at 6 weeks with his first big smile, and it made me smile too!!!

Noah is a sweet little guy who enjoys all the wonderful things that babies do. Principally mama's boobies. He talks and coos to them. It's rather cute and I could hear him over the phone doing this. Forget the BR'Us registery, all they need is warm mama's milk and a chest to fall asleep on afterward. Ok maybe a diaper :)

Baby Justin

Here is baby Justin! Isn't he precious! Born on 8-8-08 weighing 8lbs 8oz. Now that's some kind of lucky numbers if I've ever seen 'em. Lina and Deanne both had similar labors which doesn't happen too often in the same class. Both were pretty quick for first time moms. Tavi, you're next!

Baby Desmond Russell

Deanne just sent me this pic of baby Desmond :) He's got red hair! And he's a Superstar indeed :) Deanne's nurses were so impressed with her, she said that three of them said they're going to take Bradley with their own kids. I told Deanne that I think she's found her sport. He he! Congratulations Deanne and Fred!

The Science Club

Sorry I've been a lazy blogger and haven't been posting!! Here are some pics from a recent reunion for the class I think I'll call "The Science Club". It seemed like everyone had an advanced degree in one of the sciences. I remember when I found out that there was a doctor, a biology professor, a microbiology major, AND an RN (Kathleen's mom) I started to sweat a little. These couples sure make some cutey-patootey babies and I'm glad we got to know each other so well! Here we've got baby Catalina, Laura, and Joshua!