Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bradley Reunion Day!

From left to right: Michael and Desiree with Bella, Ernie and Rosa with Sebastian, Leon and Vivian with Isabella, Tym and Kristen with Amelia, Wayne and Crystal with Rebecca. We missed seeing Amaad and Josephine with Lucca, David and Emily with Calvin, and Josh and Trista with Addison.
 Yesterday I got to hang out with five of the families from the October 2010 series. It was super fun as always to see the moms and dads with their chubby-cheeked sweetie and hear them swap tales of newborn life and parenting.
Rosa loves bouncing Sebastian to sleep on the birth ball :)

Baby Rebecca likes being bounced on the birth ball too. 

Our hosts! Thank you Tym and Kristen!

Thank you everyone for coming! It was a great time!

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