Monday, April 13, 2009

Lisa's Birth Story

Friday, March, 27

10'ish pm - lost part of my mucus plug (I think)

Saturday, March 28

Went for a long walk, 11'ish am lost more of my mucus plug (I think?)

Sunday, March 29

Got spanked at a game of spades; labor wise very uneventful

Monday, March 30

Had more than the usual number of BHC
In the a.m. I timed them for a bit and they were about 8 minuets apart
While “cleaning” they were 4 – 5 minuets apart
While watching TV I had 10 in one hour, (not consistently 6 minuets apart), each lasted about 1 minuet

Tuesday, March 31

Woke up at 3:40 (well actually at 12:40, 2:20, than 3:40) couldn't fall back to sleep, from 4:09 - 5 something timed them, they were about 7 minuets apart but stopped after I went back to sleep at 7am
Went for a long walk in the evening (I think walking makes me lose parts of my mucus plug)
Came home drank some tea
Had the best night sleep I've had in over a week

Wednesday, April 1

Started timing contractions around 6am, they are about 6 minuets apart, I'm not convinced it's labor but Pablo was going to be late for work so decided to stick around and time them.
We laid in bed and timed them and they were a little less than 7 minuets apart, lasting about a minuet each, for one hour
We got up made breakfast and they spaced out to about 9 minuets, still lasting about a minuet
We went for a long walk and they went back to 6 minuets apart, each lasting about a minuet, for one hour
Came home and slept for 45 minuets
While at home resting they were about 10 min about, while walking they are about 6 min.
Went to sleep at 9am and had an awesome night sleep

Tuesday, April 2

Contraction were 7 - 12 min apart while resting
After some light activity contractions they were less 4 min apart but spaced back out
About 8pm we got them to be about 2 min apart and somewhat uncomfortable with activity
I took a shower, started some laundry, drank some water, and started timing them, still about 2 min apart and more uncomfortable than they have been.
10pm Pablo wants to go to the hospital I DO NOT. (pablo says: cut me some freakin slack they are 2 mins apart and hurting! if not at 2 mins than when? Bradley says between 3 and 4 but your lady says F Bradley what does he even know he's just a farmer from Nebraska with a phd. Since I know people through out all of time have had babies under all sorts of conditions, which didnt include medical staff, its cool if she wants to wait.)

Friday, April 3

At 2:15 am we left for the hospital

We got most of our last minute stuff and left for the hospital at 2:30ish a.m.

We got to the hospital and realized we forgot my purse and I thought I might need my ID so we turned around and went home to get it.

Contractions on the way to the hospital required my attention but I was surprised at how relaxed and normal I felt in-between each one

We arrived at the hospital with everything a little before 3am

We told the ladies in ER we needed to go to labor and delivery and they asked if we had something scheduled (which was retarded because who schedules appointments at 3am), when we told them no that I was just in labor they looked confused and asked once or twice more if I had something scheduled and than told us to go on back and they would let them know we were on our way.

When we got to labor and delivery the ladies there asked if my water had broken and when I was due and said they would go ahead and check me in but they didn’t seem very convinced I was in labor.

I Got checked in, changed, hooked up, and checked, and I was 5cm and 90% effaced and she was at station -1. To their CHEGRIN, I really was in labor and not just being a wimp.

The first nurse that checked me was new to the hospital and apparently I was the first person she had checked while working there and she didn’t do the check during a contraction. The more experienced nurse decided to double check her work and do so during a contraction which was super irritating.

I was not a big fan of laying in bed and thought I had to pee so I got up and sat in the bathroom for awhile.

The nurses were not big fans of me being in the bathroom and kept asking if I was ok, pablo told them "she'll let you know if there is something wrong just let her be." when I was ready I came out and stood next to the bed.

Standing next to the bed made it difficult for them to get readings on my contractions and the baby so they kept encouraging me to lay in bed on my left side.

Pablo kept telling me to do what was comfortable for me so I continued to switch between sitting in the restroom and standing with him next to the bed.

A little before 5am they checked me again and I was complete.

I got back in bed on my left side and started feeling tons of pressure.

My body started to push on it’s own during each contraction and Pablo put counter pressure on my tail bone which felt awesome.

The Dr., who we had never meet before, came in around 5:30 and broke my water, which felt really good but completely changed the way pushing felt.

The nurses had me start pushing while laying on my back and holding my legs. For about 4 pushes her head would start to crown and than slip back in.

Pushing was hard work and it burned like no other but I wanted to get her head out so badly and around 6am she finally didn’t slip back in.

At that point the burning got even more intense and the nurse said "ok you need to stop pushing and blow though the next couple of contractions while we waited for the dr to come in."

The idea of not pushing sounded like the most ridiculous thing in the world and I was sure I had to keep pushing.

While saying this I guess Pablo noticed the nurse holding keelin’s head, he told her “don’t push her back in” and pushed her hand away from me.

He told me not to listen to the nurses and just do whatever I needed to do.

This bothered the nurses a little so they started bickering and saying that they weren’t qualified to deliver the baby or keep my perineum from tearing, and Pablo reminded them that they’d been stretching my perineum the entire time I was trying to get her to crown.

The nurses got real quite at this point and than the doctor walked in. He asked “what’s the problem?” Pablo said “she’s ready”. He looked over and saw the babies head, threw on his scrubs, the nurses broke down the bed and put my feet in the stirrups which I had no idea were there and made pushing way easier since I didn’t have to hold my own legs anymore.

The dr. poured oil on the area and we were on our way.

It was only a couple more pushes and her head popped out. At that point all the pain went away and being able to see her head was the most amazing thing.

With the next push her shoulders came out and the dr. looked at Pablo and asked “you ready to take her?”. Pablo said “really!?” the dr. responded “yeah just don’t drop her”. So he reached out guiding the rest of keelins body out and handed her to me.

She was born at 6:23 a.m, 7 lbs 9 oz, 20 inches long, and scored 8 and 9 on her apgars.

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