Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome baby James Liam!

Brittany and Mike welcomed their little boy James on Sept 2nd. She went into labor on Labor Day so she says her son has a real sense of humor. She was one week past her due date and apparently she and Mike gave baby James a "talkin' to" the night before and explained how it would be really nice if he decided to come out and how it would even be funny to be born on Labor Day. Well, I guess the womb listens, because the next day contractions started! Little James wasn't born on Labor Day though, no siree, because Brittany had a 31 hour labor. She did it! Long labors can be very difficult but she had a lot of support from Mike and from her mother who had all five of her children naturally. Breastfeeding has been a piece of cake!!

Congratulations Brittany and Mike!

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